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  Frogeye Unterwasserkamera
Halt die Luft an und tauch ab: mit der Olympiamannschaft im Synchronschwimmen / unter Niagarafaellen / unter nigerianischen Duschen / mit Loreley am Rhein / in der Garnelensuppe im Wok von Bangkok / in der Sommergazpacho von Miguel Indurain / an der Quelle von Donaueschingen / an der Donaumuendung in Moldawien / in der Krimsektschale von deiner Angebeteten / im Dauerregen der Aachener Bucht / aufm Damenklo vom Bahnhof Zoo/ am römischen Trevibrunnen mit Sophia Loren.
Frogeye Unterwasserkamera

  Frogeye Unterwasserkamera Elektronischer Blitz, Pfefferoni-algen-scharfe Linse, umschnallbare Neoprentasche und ein aufregendes Design machen die Frogeye einzigartig. Inklusive Batterien, Film und wiederverwertbarem Beach-Bag.


  • Lens: 27mm f/5.6, Water Resistant
  • Flash: Electronic, Built-in
  • Waterproof: Up to 4 meters (12 feet)
  • Size: 120x80x40 mm (4.7x3.1.5x1.6")
  • Weight: 205g (0.45lb) w/o flash and batteries
  • Power Source: 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Film Transport & Rewind: Automatic

  • Amphibious Functionality & Good Looks
    A blessing to behold and a joy to use - inside and outside of the water. The Frogeye camera will not miss a beat: both yielding a multitude of colorful, beautiful images, and looking just as good in your hand whether you're diving off the high board or tracking chlorinated water across the dance floor.

  • The Gorgeous Frogeye Lens
    In keeping with our revered LC-A camera, the Frogeye lens was designed to (A) provide a full, wide-angle view of the aquatic or land-based world around you, and (B) yield excellent color saturation, contrast, and sharpness. All of this power is packed into a nice n' tight waterproof casing - to give you a critical 4 meters (13 feet) of submersion

  • Built-in Flash w/ light meter
    The Frogeye serves up a good and strong flash burst, powered by its two "AAA" batteries and tied to a precise lightmeter that tells it when to fire.

  • Mechanized Advance & Rewind
    Just (Snap!) and it goes (WHRRRR!) and you're ready for the next shot. Oh, and when you're finished with the roll it goes (EEEEEEeerrrrrrrrreeerrr) for a bit and rewinds the whole thing for you.

  • Rubber Water-tight Seals
    Frogeye is armed with industrial-strength rubber O-ring seals around the back and battery case to keep Mister H2O where he belongs: outside.

  • Pop up "Gunsight" Viewfinder
    Once your fat diving mask is donned, there is no hope for even the Frogeye's large standard viewfinder. Flip up the plastic "Gunsight" finder, and guide your shots with precision.

  • Neoprene Underwater Camera Case
    A bright yellow buddy to keep your Frogeye locked and loaded. Strap it around a bicep or calf to holster Frogeye for immediate transport. Crafted in water-friendly and quick drying neoprene.

  • Rubber Wrist Strap
    Your other friend to keep Frogeye close. The elastic wraps around your wrist or threads through your suit. And, if your Frogeye should happen to come loose, then don't panic. IT FLOATS!

Frogeye Package Contents
  • Frogeye camera
  • Neoprene underwater case
  • Elastic wrist strap
  • (1) 35mm film
  • (2) "AAA" batteries
  • Multilingual instructions
  • "Underwater Lomography" photo booklet
  • Cleaning & servicing kit

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