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Schlicht und einfach eine Megasensation und eine Weltpremiere. Die TunnelVision Linse ist die erste Zusatzlinse für Deine Lomo und Deine Holga. Die neue Tunnelvision Lens ermöglicht dir auch eine Macro Funktion zu nutzen. Jetzt kannst du bis zu 2.5 cm nah an dein Objekt gehen. Einfach den Metallring um die Linse kleben und schon wird die magnetische Linse Deine Bilder in atemberaubende Kunstwerke mit kontrastreichen Mittelpunkten und weichen Rändern verwandeln. Eine Schnur sichert in allen Lebenslagen. Die Linse wird in Japan aus Titan gefertigt und mit 4 Metallringen und einer Tasche geliefert. 10 Jahre Garantie.


  Package Includes:

  • TunnelVision Lens
  • 4 mounting rings
  • Elastic safety strap
  • Full documentation
    • Body: Super-light and durable titanium
    • Size: 1.3" x 0.65" (3.3cm x 1.65cm)
    • Weight: 1oz (28g)
    • Diameter: 1 and 1/16 inch (2.7cm)
    • Package Includes: Front & Rear caps, drawstring bag, nylon strap, 4 mounting rings
    • Made in Japan
    • 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects

    • Function
    • The TunnelVision's primary job is wideangle conversion - effectively multiplying your lens's focal length by 0.45. So, the Lomo LC-A's 32mm lens is blown out to an approximate 15mm with the TunnelVision capping it off. The Holga's lens moves from a 60mm to 27mm view - which in medium format terms is roughly equivalent to the Lomo's 15mm view.
    • Use
    • The TunnelVision Lens operates on magnetism. Included with each lens are two super-light metal rings, both with self-adhesive backs. The diameter of each ring is 1 and 1/16 inch (2.7cm). These sit perfectly around the circular ring of your Lomo LC-A faceplate, or inside the lens cavity of your Holga.
    • Note: this ring is not permanent, and can be removed later without a problem. However, it can only be re-applied a few times until the glue loses its strength.
    • The TunnelVision magnetically sticks onto the metal ring and holds on tightly. To preview your image, merely pluck the lens off of the ring and slide it up to the viewfinder. A short nylon strap is included with your lens to secure it to your camera.
    • Macro
    • The new TunnelVision Lens includes a screw-apart, integrated Macro attachment. Mount the macro lens and move up to 1 inch (2.5cm) away from your subject for extreme close-up images with explosive color and fierce depth of field effects.
    • Compatibility
    • The TunnelVision lens works with a bunch of other compact cameras, including the Fed 5, Seagull 205, and smaller digital cameras. If you're wondering "can I taste some TunnelVision as well?" - then consider the two following requirements
    • 1. The TunnelVision metal rings have a diameter of 1&1/16 inch or 2.7cm. Your lens must have a FLAT surface that it equal to very close to this size.
    • 2. The strong vignetting, dark corners, and blurred ring is caused by the TunnelVision's interaction with the wide-angle 32mm Lomo and 60mm Holga lens. As your lens focal length increases, these effects will decrease, and the image will merely look wider than usual.
    CHF. 170.--

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